CE Registration Packet

New parents must fill out the full parent handbook; all parents, new and returning, must fill out a payment authorization form.

CE Registration 

:2013 CE Enrollment Packet


Can I use vacation days?

Yes. 5 Vacation days may be taken per year. Vacation slips are available at the site your child attends. The slip must be submitted in writing no less than two weeks prior to vacation being taken. Additional days are subject to the approval of the Child Enrichment Manager.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. For families with multiple children, a $5/week discount will be given to each additional child. (Full registration fee applies)

 For Example:
 Child 1 - Full Price - $63/week for full time after school care

Child 2  - $5 discount - $58/week for full time after school care

Do you accept CHASSI?

Yes, for qualifying families.  Contact our CE Director, Cindi Blackford, for more information.

Can my child attend part time?

Yes. We offer a 3 day/week package at a cost of $37.50/week.  The cost for 4-5 days/week is $63/week.