Book Giveaway

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Book Giveaway

12/02/2022 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
YWCA Southwestern Illinois Lobby

ywca book giveaway

YWCA is pleased to invite you to our free book giveaway. We have over 80 high quality titles of  brand new books available to the community.  We have the following genres:  children’s books, young adult books, adult fiction, adult non-fiction, coffee table books, and Spanish language fiction and non-fiction books. In addition, if you are a Disney fan, we have books for you, including Disney art books.   The majority of these books are hard cover books.

YWCA  received a generous donation of 30,000 pounds of brand-new books from Dr. Mary Mason,  native Altonian, CEO of The Little Medical School Foundation.  Dr. Mary Mason worked in conjunction with the Molina Foundation to deliver these books to YWCA so we can pass them on to Alton area residents.

Our giveaway is taking place in the lobby during all our regular business hours (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday) throughout the month of December or until all books are distributed to new owners.  Additional hours will be available in the evening and on the weekend.  Please check our YWCA Southwestern Illinois Facebook page for the additional hours—@ywcaswil or give us a call at 618.465.7774 for the evening and weekend hours.

These new books make wonderful holiday gifts. Few things in life are free so we are delighted to be able to make this holiday season even more special through our free book giveaway.

We are not limiting the number of books to any one person.

For a full list and descriptions of the 80 plus titles we have, click below for information on the books.

Books for adults, fiction and non-fiction

Books for children and young adults

Books for your coffee table and for Spanish speaker