Socks for Tots
Nov 19 – Dec 31 all-day

socks for tots and rosetta brown

YWCA is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Rosetta Brown, Alton School Board Member for the 5th Annual “SOCKS FOR TOTS DRIVE.” Rosetta Brown realized 5 years ago that many children were waiting for the bus in the midst of a bitter cold winter without wearing socks.  It was apparent to Rosetta Brown that the children simply did own socks.   For the past four years Rosetta Brown has requested socks donations and the community has generously supported the Socks for Tots drive with socks donations.

COVID has hit our community hard and our children need support this year more than ever.  Due to COVID, the Socks for Tots drive has been revised this year.  Donors are asked to support the Socks for Tots drive with monetary donations of any amount in lieu of actual donations of socks.

Donors are asked to send checks made payable to YWCA of Alton and mail to 304 E. Third St., Alton or contact YWCA at 618.465.7774 to donate via credit card.  Donors are also given the option to donate through the YWCA online donation form.  Just select the “Direct My Gift to” drop down list and and select “Socks for Tots”.  Donate Now!

Any donation to the Socks for Tots drive is truly appreciated.